24 October 2009

Geisha Painting Demo

After a painting demo at Montserrat College of Art, plus a little tickling when I got back home, my Geisha girl is done. Not a brainbuster with concept, but fun to create a piece with a lot of glow. It was also great to spend a little time tinkering on something not for print.

20 October 2009

Monsters, Scaries, and Moves... OH MY!

I think the scariest of all those three words in the title is MOVE. Wow, glad that's all over! The new place and studio is slowly shaping up, but it's been tough to readjust. Don't get me wrong, it's fabulous having a new space and MORE space, but being a creature of habit, I have to create my whole new daily ritual.

Been working a a bunch of projects, which I am very grateful for. A very fun monster picture book:

More on the scary short stories, done in collaboration with Antoine Revoy:

And just some fun random sketches:

Looking at all this, I've been devoid of posting any color work lately. I'll get right on that!