30 December 2012

Hooray! SNOW!!!

 Snow is one of the key things that gets me excited, and luckily tonight, we got plenty of it! I love the colors, especially during night shoveling. Hooray!

26 December 2012

Lighted Lawn Dandruff 2012!

Another success year Lawn Dandruff Night! Flasks were filled, cars were warmed, cameras were charged, and pizza was consumed. We were a bit nervous with our destination, not too sure if people would be festive enough for our thirst. North Providence did not disappoint ONE bit! Christmas is no longer complete without this ridiculous tradition. Can't wait for next year! As each year passes, the prospect of actually approaching a publisher for a coffee table book of silly Christmas Americana seems more possible.

17 December 2012

Ursa Major

I was recently contacted by Brown University to help them with their New Year's greeting. I was excited to help the friendly neighbors at the top of the hill (since my school was adjacent to it, down the hill). Because I've called Providence home for maybe a bit too long, being able to paint some of the architecture I know so very well was a pleasure. I was also glad to include a little bit of astronomy! It's also nice to work on seasonal pieces... in the actual season you're painting! Typically I'm painting snow scenes in July for publishing deadlines, so this was a nice change.

14 December 2012

A Busy Couple Of Months

So, I regret immensely ignoring my little blog here. It's been a very busy couple of months, and sort of tricky to share what it is that I've been working on lately. Classes have just ended at both RISD and Montserrat, so I have a bit more time on my hands! I've been finishing up all of the art for Mouse With A Question Mark Tail these last few weeks, and I'm very excited to see the book's F&Gs! They're including three color tip ins, which have been a bit complicated to paint. Over 80 mice in one illustration is a bit intense.

Also, I've just finished up the cover for a reprint of Florence Laughlin's Little Leftover Witch. I had a great time painting this cranky little lady, who I related to VERY easily.

Some more projects are finishing up that I can start to share with you! I got an F&G of FACEBUG, a poetry book written by J.Patrick Lewis and featuring photos by Fred Siskund. So... I'll be back real soon. YAY!

Illustration Friday: SNOW

It's no secret that winter is my favorite time of year. Oddly enough, I become much more active, looking to go outside for exercise, or an excuse to take a walk to look at the gleaming nighttime sky. Here are a few snowbound images, both personal and professional!

Jingle jingle!