04 February 2014


Hello again, dear blog. I miss you. I miss you a lot and I can't tell you why it's been so long. Maybe it's been a touch of being busy or more likely distracted. I have been working, though! I've been lucky to have three different bookcovers to work on since the new year. I'm also nearing completion of the first Wollstonecraft book.

As I type we are about to be hit with the second snowstorm of the year, and even though I've succumbed to the winter's plague, I am loving this weather. I wish I had the opportunity to ski or skate like I used to. Perhaps I should try and just brace the knee. I have a torn ACL and  a damaged medial and lateral meniscus, so it makes the more rigorous sports a bit scary. I will have to get my fix by watching the upcoming Winter Olympics!

I'll come back soon, blog!