19 October 2012

Word to Live By

After checking out Drawn.ca for my daily inspiration, I saw this excerpt featured. I'm not the most eloquently gifted person, so I don't usually have words of wisdom to recite... but this is fantastic. High five.

I’ve spent my entire career obsessively trying to “learn how to draw” when I should’ve just been drawing. Always thinking “I just need to get a little better… and then I’ll start working on (insert any of a hundred personal projects)”
The fact is that i’ve been good enough since my teens- and would’ve improved so much more rapidly had my study been in the service of any of those projects- and not in the dozens of sketchbooks pilled in my closet.
Lesson: Don’t use “learning” as an excuse to avoid “doing”.
Shane Glines

17 October 2012

Desk Bound

I may be stuck at my desk for long stretches of time, but I am so lucky to be surrounded with books that allow me to see the world.


I love to travel.

08 October 2012

The British Mice Ride Again!

It's been a low blog post year, but I feel as though it's been a successfully busy year. I think it's a matter of not being able to show exactly what I've been plugging away at. Well, here's a sneak peak! It's a companion novel to Secrets At Sea!!

Tu Me Manques, Paris

Recently completed working on a fun project that called upon my Parisian relationship. I was working on a few backgrounds for an animation. How could I say no? Will clue you in more about the project when I am allowed.

Here's something to wet your whistle!