30 September 2008

Hurrah, Keep Working!

Two posts in one day! Been cranking out some work, even though I've been fairly quite with posts here. Trust me, the desk is swamped. This is a cover for a girl's magazine... due out in November I believe.

Holy Cuteness

A recent painting completed for a collection of vacation stories, this this is OOZING with cute, but I'd like to think that the color palette doesn't blow it into saccharine orbit. As I was painting this, I must have gotten a bad batch of Crystal Clear, because it failed to seal some parts of the wet oil layer, thus smudging a huge chunk of the image, and wasting HOURS of painting. That was a good time. I have since bought the triple thick Crystal Clear, and I hope that whole issue is out the door.

I kind of like Ratty and Toad here.

25 September 2008

I Need Me A Patches!

Patches not only rides in convertables, but gets his human BEER! My animals are so LAME!

19 September 2008

Studio Friends Gone Mad

So, we took a short break last night to make a video for Antoine. I wish I was more productive on breaks, like reading books, taking a walk, cleaning the studio... but no. I make my dog dance to MIKA.

13 September 2008

Dodos and Dirigibles

These sketches are for upcoming chapter novels I have recently be signed onto. These stories are beyond cool, and I am not just saying that. I could not have written a story myself that includes all of the things I love: birds (dodos!), atlases, explorers, sketchbooks, compasses, dirigibles, Bedouin, post World War One era... But I am not going to show you too much, I don't want to spoil the surprise.

01 September 2008

Peach Boy in Color

Fall has quite literally exploded. School has started again at Montserrat, and in addition, this fall I start a new course at the Massachusetts College of Art. I've also got about five books in queue, with a few side commissions and cover jobs as well. Needless to say, I am keeping myself out of trouble, unlike this Oni pictured above! He's about to get a can of Whoop-Ass by our little hero, Momotaro! Hope everyone else is ready for apple picking and spiced cider. So long summer...