31 October 2008

Happy Halloween

Even though it's one of my favorite holidays, I typically celebrate this one very quietly. I got to sketch a bit in the laundromat this evening, making a slightly naughty witch.

28 October 2008

We All Need A Laugh

While catching up on billing this morning, I got into a discussion with a friend about in-fek-tus dance clips. And because we all need a good laugh from time to time... here are some of my fave moves:

Army of Lovers: When the Night is Cold

Elaine's Little Kicks: and yes this is how I dance at weddings

Alan Cumming Time After Time (hahahahaha)

and the best EVER

Claude: Magnolias Forever

Ok, back to bills.

How could I forget this one!!!???

Bacara: I Can Boogie

23 October 2008


So, I've notice a mania that's developed over the past years. The pet industry has gone CRAZY. I mean, warehouse department stores for PETS? Seriously? Now, you all know, I love my animals. Dearly. I always have loved animals. But I think it's a tad on the insane side with the amount of gross marketing that comes with American pets now. Owning a chihuahua has made this EXTREMELY difficult. I like a giggle as much as the next person, but the most recent present from the niece and nephew is just plum silly!

And here is my homemade costume for the World Cup in 2006. She was routing for the Frenchies, thus why the coq motif. I'm totally sorry, that I am a part of the pet maddness, aren't I.

More Momotaro

We're finally getting into the nitty gritty of all the Peach Boy spreads. It's been fun, and I am really enjoying the oni!

Sorry for the short post, got to get back to another project!

14 October 2008


The one and only Dan Santat likes my blog! AWESOME! Apparently, this phenomenon has been travelling the interweb, and people are spreading the message about blogs they enjoy. I guess the rules are:

1. Add the logo of the award to your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
3. Nominate 7 other blogs (book blogs?) and add their links to your blog

So here it goes:
1.) Benjamin Lacombe is an amazing French illustrator, and he NEVER disappoints.
2.) Gisele Jaquenod does it all, and in a crazy cute fashion.
3.) On My Desk offer a glimpse into some of the more creative places out there.
4.) Dots For Eyes, otherwide known as Maris is too cute to handle.
5.) Face Hunter offers me a bit of style.
6.) It's a Whimsical Life is the amazing Susan Mitchell. And I now own two of her little stuffies!
7.) Seeing Shiny Spots offers not only interesting jewelry advice, she's one funny lady!

I have a ton more of links I love, and feel free to check them out, over there on the right. Thanks again Dan. You the man! I'm your number one fan! SPAM!

05 October 2008

Pumpkinhead, Makes Me Feel Fine

Fall has definitely arrived. Bone chilling mists, falling leaves, and the smell of firewood was in full force today. And the official change from light crisp ales to darker, more warming beers has also arrived. Today, I want to feature Pumpkinhead, brewed by the relatively new Shipyard.

Since 1994, Shipyard Brewing Company has been brewing fine quality products with a wide range of style profiles. All their beer is hand crafted from recipes developed by master brewer Alan Pugsley and entrepreneur Fred Forsley, some of the most influential people in the craft brewing movement in North America. I found a really great interview with the English-born brewmaster, in which he states, "We're now moving out nationally and getting great reviews. We're starting to fill niches in different areas where people can enjoy our beers and discover our styles of beer made with the Ringwood yeast. Our goal is ultimately to be available in all states. We're not out to conquer the world or be Sam Adams. We look for steady growth and on the beer side, consistently producing our world-class ales. We're here for the long haul and the Shipyard brand will be here long after Fred and I are dead and hopefully long after our grandchildren. We really believe in how this thing is branded."

Shipyard is available in 35+ states around the country and markets for our freshly brewed, hand-crafted beers continue to expand. In 2007, Shipyard Brewing Company shipped over 1,060,500 cases (82,641 barrels) of the award-winning, hand-crafted ales.
The total brewing capacity of the brewery is 140,000 barrels so they have the ability to double their production in the years ahead. Maine's largest brewery, it produces 12 varieties of award-winning English style and seasonal ales, in additon to seven flavors of hand-crafted Capt'n Eli's Soda.

Shipyard first began in 1992 at Federal Jack's Restaurant and Brew Pub in Kennebunk, which is one of Maine's original brew pubs and working breweries. Within two years, demand for Shipyard beer outpaced the small operation and, in April 1994, Forsley and Pugsley opened the Shipyard Brewing Company in the heart of the waterfront in Portland, Maine on the site of the former Crosby Laughlin Foundry.

Pumpkin Ale gets mixed reviews, but this is why I have grown to like it. Sometimes the specialty brews are way too overwhelming, and while their flavor is fine for one or two, they get nasty fast. The nutmeg, cinnamon, and pumpkin flavor is very gentle, and allows for more consumption without the urge to purge. I enjoy it as a nice transition into the heavier beers of the winter season. It's totally worth a try. At least support the Maine-iacs!

Visit Shipyard Brewery here!

A New Addition

More tasks being crossed off the list! Thank goodness, because the eye twitch is coming back, BIGTIME. Freelance should really be called "No Matter What Happens, I'm in a Panicked State". When you do and don't have jobs, you're stressed and always hoping for the other. It's a chosen lifestyle of borderline insanity, and I wouldn't change it for the world!

This piece is for a birth announcement, and if you notice, the crystal clear did some more funky things. Upon sealing the oil layer, it instantly beaded up. After a few layers, I got it under control. Maybe it's the weather causing these mistakes?