28 October 2008

We All Need A Laugh

While catching up on billing this morning, I got into a discussion with a friend about in-fek-tus dance clips. And because we all need a good laugh from time to time... here are some of my fave moves:

Army of Lovers: When the Night is Cold

Elaine's Little Kicks: and yes this is how I dance at weddings

Alan Cumming Time After Time (hahahahaha)

and the best EVER

Claude: Magnolias Forever

Ok, back to bills.

How could I forget this one!!!???

Bacara: I Can Boogie


Polixeni said...

This made my day.

Anne-Marie said...

OMG - It's Desmond from LOST playing the piano in Army of Lovers! Rad!

ChatRabbit said...

Good lord!
So much better than bills, or work (which I should perhaps be doing).
My fave is the last one, it makes me weep...and want to booogie booogie all night long.

Lauren said...

I totally Paul Olsen in the first one. Look. LOOK. IT"S HIM!

Laura Morin said...

haha thats wonderful kelly, im pretty sure i did the same moves as that old man at the disco at kitty osheas last year!