23 October 2008


So, I've notice a mania that's developed over the past years. The pet industry has gone CRAZY. I mean, warehouse department stores for PETS? Seriously? Now, you all know, I love my animals. Dearly. I always have loved animals. But I think it's a tad on the insane side with the amount of gross marketing that comes with American pets now. Owning a chihuahua has made this EXTREMELY difficult. I like a giggle as much as the next person, but the most recent present from the niece and nephew is just plum silly!

And here is my homemade costume for the World Cup in 2006. She was routing for the Frenchies, thus why the coq motif. I'm totally sorry, that I am a part of the pet maddness, aren't I.


Benjamin said...

So cute!!!

Gis said...

Amazing hahhahaaha I am dying with the little cuterrific rooster!