25 December 2011

Lighted Lawn Dandruff 2011!!

Our annual Holiday festivities proved to be successful again this year! We noticed a rise in wicker animals and a decrease in inflatable snow globes. This year, the cold cold lights of the LEDs shone brightly over Little Rhodey, showing that us US Americans are indeed, trying to save money on energy consumption. A mid-nugget adventure, capped by a delicious shot served by our friend Holly fueled our fire and thirst to find the best of the lighted lawn dandruff this year. Can't wait for next year!

And as always, flasks up! Pants DOWN!

19 December 2011

2011 Fall Painting Demo

Demo finished!

18 December 2011

Old House, New Studio

So, about a month or so ago, we rearranged the top floor (it's basically a finished attic with slanted roofs). We moved the desks into the room with a wonderful skylight, making it a pleasure to wake and start working in the morning, I am looking forward to spending more time here this winter finishing two picturebooks!

16 December 2011

Duncan and Tucker

Two regal dogs... in need of some artwork. How can you NOT want to paint these lovely beasts!

Hard Stares and Thin Beams

School's out! No more students dirty looks!! ;)
So here are a few scans of some recent works. MORE ON THE WAY!!!