26 April 2012


This past winter, Montserrat hosted their annual Illustration Theme Show. This year... it was OZ. The students work was not only wondrous, but so delightfully varied with their approach. I highly suggest both current students and the public to take notice of this show next year. An additional pleasure was to have Anne Moore from Candlewick Press to guest jury the show. Anne has been a long time friend and one of my oldest publishing contacts. I remember vividly how kind she was when she walked by my table at an alumni sale. It was right after graduation and I was trying anything to make a bit of money off my art. Anne walked by, came in closer, and said she liked my tiny painted portraits. Then... she gave me her card and I was forever afterward sending her postcard after postcard. Without her kindness that day, who knows if the poor sales (actually... I think I sold 3 paintings, framed for about $20 each) at the sale would have discouraged me from sharing my art with the public. In appreciation of her support, this Flying Red Shanked Douc Langur will hopefully give her luck much like her business card gave me.
Aren't the Langur's so crazy looking? I instantly became infatuated with these critters. They look like the escaped from the Jim Henson muppet shop.


Well, looks like my painting coach approves of the paintings of the next picture book. Thank goodness because coach can be really grumpy when she wants to.

19 April 2012

You're Fired!

I'm thinking that my current studio assistant isn't carrying their load lately. Too many sun filled naps!

15 April 2012

Avril 14 but...

a day late.
I see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's the last push up the hill! The deadline will be ours! Nobody lives forever.

I did always think this song may have been about the Titanic.

02 April 2012

Where did she go?

I'm still here, and very sad to be missing out on my blog posts as of late. You see, there's work being made, but we're at certain phases where I can't show much. So, after way too big of a break, I will post a few sneak peeks!

School has also been occupying a lot of my time, but we're already over the mid-point, and I smell summer coming! A recent studio development that I have noticed is that my cat gets extremely irritated when I am not upstairs working in my studio. If I am downstairs having a snack, or reading some emails, she paces and tries every possible way to annoy the stuffing out of me. Scratching furniture, eating houseplants, sitting in front of the television. As soon as I start up the stairs to the studio, she runs as fast as she can up the stairs and sits in the studio. I have a new hard-@ssed career coach.

I'm coming around these parts again soon! No more disappearing acts, I swear.