02 April 2012

Where did she go?

I'm still here, and very sad to be missing out on my blog posts as of late. You see, there's work being made, but we're at certain phases where I can't show much. So, after way too big of a break, I will post a few sneak peeks!

School has also been occupying a lot of my time, but we're already over the mid-point, and I smell summer coming! A recent studio development that I have noticed is that my cat gets extremely irritated when I am not upstairs working in my studio. If I am downstairs having a snack, or reading some emails, she paces and tries every possible way to annoy the stuffing out of me. Scratching furniture, eating houseplants, sitting in front of the television. As soon as I start up the stairs to the studio, she runs as fast as she can up the stairs and sits in the studio. I have a new hard-@ssed career coach.

I'm coming around these parts again soon! No more disappearing acts, I swear.

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