28 June 2009

Draggin' Dragons

Recent illness has made me uber slow with everything. Abrams are ANGELS for putting up with me. I'm telling ya, it's scary how quick things stockpile in the studio. It's making me nervous as to the future of my studio work. I have to rethink all my production times. Does anyone else feel this way too? I really would love to work more quickly, but that just doesn't seem to work either. Working illustrator parents are amazing in my book. Keep working till exhaustion, you crazy diamonds!

Meisterfälscher = Masterpeice

I was excited to see Masterpiece translated into one if the first of many languages (how awesome). Henry Holt was kind enough to send me a few copies. I giggled at the title! I now know 3 words in German!!

The cover is obviously not my art, but it's interesting to see how different markets demand a different style. For instance, the paperback will have a new look too! And often as an illustrator who might like one version better than the other, you got to put trust in the sales department. They have better know-how about buying trends and cover images. Would be interesting to figure that stuff out. Here's a sneak peek:

24 June 2009

See Saw Layout

Not much to write, but just wanted to show the bang up design job by Sheila Smallwood! So pretty!

17 June 2009

Ink Sketches

Here's a quick job coming through the studio, but fun none the less. It's a really short spooky story, and the client asked for my black and white style. Ink has always been a sketch medium for me, and the notion that people enjoy it as a finish still shocks me. I've always been comfortable with this sort of sketch look, I assumedly disregarded it's naturalness. Got to change that, I have way too much now.

14 June 2009

2009 E.B. White Read Aloud Award!

Holy moses! What a treat to have THIS package resting on your doorstep... I got a heavy, pretty award from the Association of Booksellers for Children! Not to be a whiner, but I really haven't won any kind of award like this... ever! I am more than honored to have received this award and to have even been asked to work with Henry Holt and Elise Broach. Look at it shine!

The E.B. White Read Aloud Awards, established in 2004, honor books that reflect the universal read aloud standards that were created by the work of the author E.B. White in his classic books for children: Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little, and The Trumpet of the Swan. In the first two years of the award, a single book was selected. In 2006, in recognition of the fact that reading aloud is a pleasure at any age, the award was expanded into two categories: Picture Books, and Older Readers. Books are nominated for their universal appeal as a “terrific” books to read aloud. After a list of nominations is gathered from ABC booksellers, a shortlist of four books in each category is determined by a committee of booksellers chaired by an ABC Board member. After a formal announcement on the first Monday in April, ABC booksellers vote online to determine the winners. The shortlisted books that remain receive an E.B. White Read Aloud Honor.

The awards are announced live during ABC programming at Book Expo America. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!! I am really really floored. While I typically shy away from conventions and other big events, it would have been really fun to hear Masterpiece called as a winner. Thanks ABC (and Christy Ottaviano and Elise Broach! Wow, I am awful at acceptance speeches).

Other studio news... beside the award was this giant toad on my doorstep. He's become a regular. It's really fun to have a new friend to greet you when opening the door. I will name him Elwyn!