28 June 2009

Draggin' Dragons

Recent illness has made me uber slow with everything. Abrams are ANGELS for putting up with me. I'm telling ya, it's scary how quick things stockpile in the studio. It's making me nervous as to the future of my studio work. I have to rethink all my production times. Does anyone else feel this way too? I really would love to work more quickly, but that just doesn't seem to work either. Working illustrator parents are amazing in my book. Keep working till exhaustion, you crazy diamonds!


Nina Crittenden said...

This is lovely.
Hope you are feeling better soon!

Sabbio said...

Hope you are better now!
This spread is wonderful and is a great explanation for the wool transformation process... I'm going to show it to my daughter! :)
And I have the seame "wool comb" at home for my baby's sheepskin ^^