30 September 2008

Holy Cuteness

A recent painting completed for a collection of vacation stories, this this is OOZING with cute, but I'd like to think that the color palette doesn't blow it into saccharine orbit. As I was painting this, I must have gotten a bad batch of Crystal Clear, because it failed to seal some parts of the wet oil layer, thus smudging a huge chunk of the image, and wasting HOURS of painting. That was a good time. I have since bought the triple thick Crystal Clear, and I hope that whole issue is out the door.

I kind of like Ratty and Toad here.


tracey said...

Did I ever tell you about when I was in Kindergarten and all I talked about was wanting to paint mice on mushrooms? Well, apparently it drove my teacher so nuts that she attempted to declare me 'retarded.'

So, because you painted mice on mushrooms, are you developmentally delayed too? HA!

The frog reminds me of Mr Toad, just less drunk and hostile. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

The colors are warm and cozy!

Love the faeries on the lily pads and the door in the stump!!

Dick0369 said...