30 September 2008

Hurrah, Keep Working!

Two posts in one day! Been cranking out some work, even though I've been fairly quite with posts here. Trust me, the desk is swamped. This is a cover for a girl's magazine... due out in November I believe.


Bearded Lady said...

Hi Kelly,
I just read your interview over at 7 impossible things. Your next book looks awesome. I can't wait to get it. And sheeesh you have done so many books! Ok feeling like a slacker...:)

Reg said...

great stuff. i love your style!

Lauren said...

I applaud you on the awesomeness of those fishnet leggings. :)

Gis said...

Sweetie, I wrote a post about your work in my blog, I hope it's ok and you like it!! xD I had to start my favorite artists section with you!!!
Let me know if there's any problem :D i put some of your pics little linking directly to the image post :D but please please let me know if there's any issue

kelmurphy said...

Wow, you guys totally make my day. You're so nice.

Bearded Lady (this name made me laugh): Thanks, and oh my gosh, no need to be impressed. You know I am a HUGE fan of your work! And I see nothing slacker about it.

Gis: Thank you so much! Yes, and thanks for the spotlight. I am truly flattered. I will make sure to add you to the people of interest list.


Benjamin said...

Very nice color and grat shadows and light!!!... Love the composition too.