21 April 2006

Sample Man, god I love you.

You know your show rocked when Sample Man shows up. This guy is amazing. He knows Gallery Night like the pattern of Chinet paper plates. For those of you not familiar with him, he shows up at ANY opening. And let's just say.. he could give a rat's patooey about your art. Don't let him fool you. Come to think of it... maybe he's doing some sort of perfomance art for the last... oh 10 yrs. Sample Man, you're a tricky devil!

*NEW: Jarrett has a lovely showcase of the event on his blog as well. Thanks J-dawg. 4 LIFE!


Anonymous said...

At least he dresses up for the occassion. Here's to you sample man!

kelmurphy said...

You know, you got a point. He's looking sharp. Sample Man, a real american hero.

Anonymous said...
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