16 August 2006

Cuteness Overload

So, if you really know me, you know the only thing that makes me cry is Animal Planet or things simliar to it. I decided to be proactive instead of passive, and started fostering my feline friends. I started off with a foster Mom and 5 kittens. They are adorable... and the mom is so sweet. She lost her own kids and gracefully took in these terrors. It's times like this I wish I had a bigger place. All my friends and family think this concept is deadly because they know me. I will only want to keep them all. It's true, but I know the space is limited... and Lily would kill me. But as long as I can give these kids a happy childhood, that's all I ask for. Every animal is a gift from God... pure in nature and devotion. They have always been my best friends.


tracers said...

damn... guess i'm going to have to take my meds and suffer the wrath of kitty allergies! they look sooo fuzzy... i think i have to suck it up and come over!!!

Q said...

Please tell me that when I get to your house, Friday, I'm going to have KITTENS TO PLAY WITH!?!!!!eleventyone!!!1

kelmurphy said...

More kitten playing action than you can shake a stick at. But watch out, they'll just maul the stick. It's a lot of kitten.