07 September 2006

Maybe It's the Moon

It's official. I am in full freak out mode. Irrational thoughts, beyond messy studios, and gross fixations on how your phyiscal and mental fitness is in a severe stage of decay was the story today. It's days like this where you really think about why you're doing and what you're doing. I think I need to get out of the studio for an hour. It is soooo hard to balance everything. Damn you, horses! Next up for damnation... DUCKS!


tracers said...

I think I'm in the same boat as you. Just remember, vacation is coming very very quickly!

Sweet Pea said...

You can do it Kelly! It's always gets crazy for a while, feels like a mountain of work that will never be finished, but you will get there, promise! And I am sure it will be great. I am in the same boat as you and trying to stay calm, but I can feel the panic of deadlines creeping up on me...you are not alone!
Get outside, have a beer and everything will look better tomorrow ducky :)

kelmurphy said...

Thanks guys!!!

Your words help. It's that "creep" that terrifies me, as you were saying Sweet Pea. *sigh*