09 November 2006

I Never Learn

Today was spent framing, again. Why do I always 1.) leave it to the last minute and 2.) somehow manage to do it slower than last time. These six pieces will be in the Foster Gallery in MA this coming winter. But for serious. Every time I go to frame artwork for a show, I vow that I will streamline the whole process the next time. NOPE! I never learn. It takes me longer and longer each time. Anyone out there want to be an intern, specifically on the day I have to frame?

Now, things are complicated when you have a jerkhead cat who wants to sit ontop of everything you need to use. Where's that illustration?

Oh, under the cat. Now where the heck did I put the pencil?

DAMN CAT! And the best is when paw prints are left all over a nice clean piece of matt board.

Ugh. So. I'm now finished. I'll post details of the upcoming show in a week or two. It will be a lot of fun. It include friends Fred Lynch, Ann Smith, Paul Olson, Jarrett Krosoczka, Grace LIn, and Peter Reynolds. But hopefully I can see you guys there and we can discuss the sublime beauty of eight hours of framing can bring. Either that or adoption of the aforementioned cat. Kidding. Well, maybe not.


Jennifer Syas said...

What is that illustration with the wings? I want to see! Why is it not on your website?

kelmurphy said...

It's an old picture, of Pandora... really old.

We need to get together!

tracers said...

hehehe! damn cat!!! i will never learn either... it's okay! we will mange!

kelmurphy said...

You mean our hair will fall out?