29 January 2007

Working Away!

Well, things are going along smoothly, for the most part. I took off two concecutive weekends, something I haven't done is potentially years. It feels a bit weird, but I am getting to like it! Mostly just getting used to the neighborhood and some creepy window displays. This number here was in the Antique Market at the Louvre. Some funny stuff in there, but I'd basically have to sell most of my family members to afford anything.

Also here is the first sketch for the third season of Shakespeare on the Sounds poster for Comedy of Errors. But, as I type the sketch is headed in a different direction. I hope to be painting this by weeks end, and finished early next week. YIKES

And just to keep you posted, I still freeze like a deer when people talk to me in french. I feel like a slow motor starting in the wintertime. Pauvre bĂȘte.

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