23 June 2007

Another Hobby

Typically a relaxed person decides that he or shee needs a break away from the daily grind of their job. You know, something to unwind and have fun with. For some reason all of my hobbies (since the three torn ligaments) all revolve around the visual world... and eating. I should pick up and instrument, but I know it would be thrown so far across the room with pure frustration. So... I'll stick to cake making. Cooking is foreign to me, but I LOVE to bake! This cake Lily's eyeing is for my friend Tracey! Here's to many more Trace!


FURBALL said...

I think someone needs a paw full of frosting!!! That cake looks great, very intricate. Maybe you've been wasting you time with these books and stuff. 8-)

tracey said...

Yay! Cake! I don't deserve you and your frosted goodness!!! THANKS!

Andrew Marathas said...

Awesome cake! I should've commissioned you to do my graduation party cake. hehe