19 November 2007

After-Critique Mischief

After critiquing for a solid four hours, you start to get these glances from your students, somewhere in between "I wish you would drop dead and stop talking NOW" to "please, for the love of gauche, let my people go". So as a way to loosen up in class, and to keep up the torch of creativity, we did a written and drawn exquisite corpse. Starting off with a random sentence, then next student then draws a picture in response. At that point, we then folded down everything except the immediate line above. We laugh, we cried... we thanked god that the college's tour group didn't come into class at that point. Not exactly our finest work, but some of our goofier moments.

This one is by far my favorite. "Choo, choo!"

1 comment:

Andy J Smith illustration said...

Yah, critiques can get a bit exhausting for both teacher and student! It's great that you're experimenting with ways to break it up!