11 June 2008

Studio Animals

And I mean the live ones, not the dust clumps that turn into animated beasts dashing under furniture. Recently chatting with different people who work outside of their house, I sometimes get melancholy working long days completely by myself. In fact, there are strings of days where I never even open the front door.

But, thank goodness, I have some friends to keep me company: Lily, Mama, and the three fish (which lets face it, aren't the best companions). Occaisionally when feeling frustrated, I take a look at this critters and start drawing. You know it's gotten bad when you start to have full conversations with them, AND you imitate their voice. It's gotten so bad with Lily, that people imitate me, imitating her! "Hiii!! I'm ovahh hee-yah!" She has a very thick New England accent, being from Maine and all. The cat on the other hand, has a very prissy voice, constantly saying, "Nnnnnnaaaaaoooooooow!" when she wants me to pet her, NOW.

Sheesh, maybe it would be better to work in cube land! I kind of miss it there... well maybe not.

1 comment:

Benjamin said...

Your dog is SO GREAT! And you know how I love dogs and how i'm a specialist about it ( after 3 book about them ^__^!) So it is a big compliment ^__^!!!