05 August 2008

More Oni, More Problems You Got,

I really have been enjoying creating these slightly not so Kelly characters. I also love working for European publishers. Never before I have heard an editor say, "We need more scary, muscles, and weaponry." I love it. More importantly, Friday I head to the Mecca of all beer... MUNICH. Words can't describe how excited I am.


ChatRabbit said...

Oh, they're pretty Kelly, alright!
Have a blast in Munich...we just had German visitors with us for a few days, it's great to get a different perspective.

kim wells said...

Kelly: Would you be at all interested in hearing about possible collaborations with complete unknowns? I have a children's story about a monster that I've been looking for an illustrator to work with forever. I won't bug you, and if I don't hear from you I'll just buy & enjoy your wonderful art in those books (I have my eye on the dragon one). But I thought I'd ask (from one former Murphy girl to another).

You can comment & I'll get it, or come by my blog and say something & I'll get it. But I don't know how this is generally done so I'm just askin'.

Andy J Smith illustration said...

These are GREAT! Sounds like lots of fun, as does the Munich action! You REALLY do like beer! Sampled the Ipswich Ales yet? They're OK! Stumbled across your Little Dragon book yesterday. It 'bumped' Jeff Foxworthy's book off the shelf.