15 November 2008

The Demo Memo

My titles are so lame! Ok, just another quick post since I am drowning in deadlines. Recently in my classes I've done a number of demos. I thought I'd post the monstrosities here. I have every intention of finishing them, but I think it will be after the New Year. I miss late spring when I didn't think I was ever going to get a job again.

Here's a 5 minute Fluff jar sketch in acrylics

And here's a demo using my own technique of a geisha

A sidenote, we have been having the strangest weather. I slept with my slider windows open last night. It's NOVEMBER! Where's the cold weather I love!? Now there are tropic rains. Very strange, very strange indeed. BACK TO WORK!

1 comment:

Brine Blank said...

Okay but I will comment here since this is outside of the ark of children's illos...this is off the chain here...great texture to the item really adds to the work as well as awesome color selection...love the dark gritty feel to this.