23 March 2009

Beers of a Clown

My studio has been in a state of panic the last few weeks, preparing for a new roommate! More about that later, but this panic has caused me to disrupt massive piles of clutter. Piles that have not moved in a v e r y long time. I might live in one room, but I have developed the skill of hiding junk anywhere and everywhere. The insanity has to stop. So I've been donating and getting rid of a lot. I've been hoarding cardboard over the last five years. I keep it to make my shipping boxes for my artwork. But really?? This much? Antoine comments that we can build our first house with it. It's insane what I have squirreled away. If I wasn't throwing this stuff out in the middle of the night (mostly to avoid getting dirty looks from neighbors who might exclaim, "Good lord, her place must be a fire trap!"), I'd snap a picture at how bad it's gotten.

Regardless, I've discovered some OLD artwork. I decided to make a scan. This piece was about "romance in the workplace". I thought about how sad it would be for a clown to be taken seriously. Poor clowns, no wonders why they are so scary.



awwwww... poor clown... some of us feel your pain, Mr.Clown.

Haha... a cardboard home... hehe... with a matching little on for lily. :P

Jessie Lilac said...

These look scary to me...but my 12 year old daughter just looked at it over my shoulder and squeeled in delight! "Oooooooo it's sooooo cute!" she squeeled.