30 May 2009

Swanky Bookmarks

Wow! Check these guys out! Houghton Mifflin really did a super job on these promotional bookmarks. It's making me all the more excited for Nate's big release in September.

Here's the backside info:

Flight of the Phoenix
Nathaniel Fludd: Beastologist

by R.L. LaFevers
with illustrations by Kelly Murphy

With his parents lost at sea, Nathaniel Fludd lands on the doorstep of a distant cousin- the world's last remaining beastologist. Soon Nate is whisked off on his first expedition, to Arabia, where the world's only phoenix prepares to lay its new egg.

Too bad Nate's not the sort of boy who enjoys adventure... yet.

Oooo! So keep your eye out in stores and conventions for these little doggies... and maybe even an advanced copy!!!



Nina Crittenden said...

Wow, Kelly! That is really cool! How exciting!

Gis said...

woaaaa xD it looks so cool xD xD I am still wanting to shop for your printssss sweetieeee