14 August 2009

The Ol' Wave

So, I am seriously within a stone's throw to finishing the dragon sequel. I am GIDDY with the thought. I never thought, while in school, that balancing projects would be so difficult. Granted, school is hectic for many reasons, but I figured after I graduated I'd enter the known business world of 9 to 5. I tried it for a short while, and hated it. I've been in this freelance career for roughly nine years. I may whine and complain more frequently than I say it rocks quite simply because it's really tough. Mentally and physically. It's been even tougher to try and fit social life events in there, too. Thankfully, there are great friends and family members out there who know that you are really working your hardest at your true passion. ANYWHO. This latest bookcover piece was shoved in between a month long painting marathon. It's got waves. I like waves!

Ok, the crystal clear has dried. Back to painitng.


Lauren said...

Looks great! Hope to see you in the hallways.

Nina Crittenden said...

This is fantastic!
p.s. the word verification is "mancat" haha!

Sandra Dutton said...

Love it--beautiful illustration!