08 September 2009

The Before Tour

Well, after six or so years in my current apartment, it's come time to move on. With two people, two animals, and two fish... my closet kitchen can only go so far. So with great sadness, we made the decison to go for a bit bigger of a pad. I'll miss the one giant room, being the top half of a renovated hay barn, with a super cute grass backyard. Lily, Mama, and I have loved sunnnig ourselves on the lawn, so this might be the biggest loss. The new place? It's on TWO floors, has a washer AND dryer (it's been over 6 years of not having one) AND a dish washer!!! Here's a quick tour before everything begins to get pulled apart.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you truly made that place a home! I hope the good vibes continue for the next resident.

I've always wanted to sleep in a loft like that! Must've been fun.

Good luck on your move!

ChatRabbit said...

Where are you moving to, Kelly?

kelmurphy said...

P-dence Liz! West side, 4 life! ;)

brook said...

Aww so sorry to see you leave good old end of Wendy Lane ( where I grew up) , it is a nice neighborhood! Have fun in your new digs! Moving is always painful but very exciting.