30 August 2010

Samhain Blaze

With temperatures still in the 90s, it's hard to believe that fall is on its way. But quite often illustrators find themselves mixed up with the holidays since commissions need to be made months in advance. Summer scenes in winter, winter scenes in summer (which are the most taunting), it's a miracle I even know the current month!

This image is for my next promotional mailer. Samhain: pronounced /ˈsɑːwɪn/, /ˈsaʊ.ɪn/, or /ˈsaʊn/[1] meaning “summer’s end”, is an old Irish festival, which takes place on October 31st. With a central bonfire ablaze, the villagers would extinguished all other fires. Each family then solemnly lit its hearth from the common flame, thus bonding the families of the village together. Often two bonfires would be built side by side, and the people would walk between the fires as a ritual of purification. Masks made sure to placate those pesky evil spirits.

I can't wait for apple crisp, candy apples, apple pie... ALL THINGS APPLE!


Julia Denos said...

this is so cool, kelly! love the crackling fire-and especially love your new haunted house images on Jules' interview...

this is day 2 for me of painting little kids making snow angels and cutting out snowflakes. it's 90 in Boston! I am sharing your season confusion :)

Joe McCormack said...

I saw this piece at the Brush Art Gallery and was immediately taken by the charm, the energy, and the mischief of the piece. Of all the amazing pieces at the show, this one stole all my attention.
I assumed it was an illustration from a book and I spent some frustrating time looking for the book online. At last I found your blog and know the real story.
If it is not too much to ask, do you think you could write out the whole story that is clearing trying to burst out of this painting? Maybe add a couple of dozen more illustrations and get it published by next Halloween?
But your probably busy. Do you think the image might someday be available for ordering?
-Joe in Lowell