23 October 2010

How Much To Sketch?

Now, maybe I am being dramatic... but I think 15 sketches for one cover might be considered a good preliminary sketch round! My knowledge of turn of the century steam ships is improving greatly!

How many sketches do you make for one project? Just curious?


Adelaida said...

How big are those sketches?

I usually make 5 sketches when I have a bit of a concept in my mind and I just have to put it in a nice way. But when I don't have an idea how to draw sth then it's like pain in a butt, countless unfinished sketches....

CulturaVoices said...
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Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Wow, these are all fantastic!!

I think my favorite one though, is the close up of the ship and the tiny mouse in the window, that would be #7 (starting from top left and reading as a comic).

I don't think I ever made so many sketches for a cover. I can work perhaps between 5 and 8 tops. And they are never as detailed as yours. I sketch very loose and take to details the few that I like. Yours are like tiny works of art, just beautiful. :o)

kelmurphy said...

Hey Adelaida and Alicia,

5 seems like the perfect amount! This one went a bit further than normal. It's so interesting to hear how other people sketch and how it feeds into the creative process. I try to avoid getting too much detail and get more of the tonal atmosphere. Thanks so much for your feedback.

Oh, these are about 5"x7"!

alison said...

I love ALL of these, Kelly, and it's so much fun to see all of the different ideas you were trying out and/or sending along to an art director. Speaking as the wife of an illustrator, I can say that Gareth does at LEAST this many sketches for almost any cover or stand-alone illustration he's preparing. He recently posted a bunch of them on his blog: