01 February 2011

MINDBLOWING!! GoogleArtProject Insanity

Ok, maybe I am the last person to check this out, but holy cow... GoogleArtProject is amazing, and I've blown the better par of an evening getting close to the world's treasures. Now, it's one thing to finally be in these museums, but being able to see the art THIS close is amazing. Art Project is an online compilation of high-resolution images of artworks from galleries worldwide, as well as a virtual tour of the galleries in which they are housed.

Check it out!

Marie-Antoinette's lookin' balls are GINORMOUS!

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Christina Rodriguez said...

I love being able to zoom in and see more texture of these works than could probably be seen in person. Still, I wonder if I'm the only one who left the site feeling just a wee bit depressed? I dunno, I guess I just miss the feeling of being in an art museum. There's something a bit cold about viewing the art online to me.

Oddly enough, my verification word is "angsty."