10 June 2011

More Dragons!

This is by NO means a complaint, but I think I may be known as a "dragon illustrator". I soo welcome it! This is for a magazine, and i worked a bit more with an under drawing.

Having the drawing allowed me to be a bit more loose with my painting. It allowed me to have the line weight and depth, but still be able to move the paint on top without losing that structure. I think I am going to involve this more and more... experimenting a bit more with line styles... something fine to something more broad like a chalk or pastel stick.

When I was younger we had a pair of chinese ink landscapes that hung near our fireplace. I flipping loved looking at them, picturing myself walking along the tiny mountain path, or floating high about the river valley. I need surround myself more with these dreamy landscapes. Total brain food!

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Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Wow, it's fantastic!!!! :o)