31 July 2011

Via di Paradosso is "el gorgo"!

After settling in and not being so confused by my trusty map, I found one of my favorite spots. Oddly enough, it was just around the corner from where I was living. Via di Paradosso was a longer street that elevated ever so slightly about the ancient stream bed below. It traced the edge of an olive oil bottling company, which then opened up into open fields and crowing roosters. Why I loved this street was because of the gentle distance it offered. Sometimes, I get a bit overwhelmed being IN and SURROUNDED by the city buildings. My rocky roadside wall provided just enough breathing room for me to take it all in.

That, and it was a less traveled road than most, which meant I barely got heckled by on-lookers. Me likey!!!

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www.juliadenos.com said...

Kelly! Every Italy sketch is just incredibly beautiful. (Any chance you will someday make some travel prints?? :) Love your description of the Via di Paradosso road.