27 September 2011

Sketches Flying Off The Desk

One of the best challenges with each project is the exhaustive sketch process when beginning a project. It's so necessary to try and solve each assignment in as many ways possible, and then narrowing it down which one "feels" closest to home. These are practical lessons for art students. When I was in school, my first illustration assignment was to draw 100 sketches for an apple. You get really creative by number twenty. Professionally, what comes after is accepting which one the publishers chooses. That's why I would suggest only showing your best ideas! You don't want to get stuck working the next three weeks on something your heart and mind is not connected with.

Ok, I'll stop the "tuity fruity" talk. Excited about this recent bookcover finish. Will show when published!

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Adelaida said...

Sketching process is one of the hardest for me - I can never find enough will to finish it completely. I always have this inner feeling that the idea is already done in my head and it just can't (and won't) change. I make few sketches for customers to choose from but they all look very similar.

And unfortunately, the customers sometimes choose the ones that I don't really like ;P Just as you said.