22 February 2012

Major Fun Award!

Hooray! The cooperative game, Race To The Treasure, I had illustrated for Peaceable Kingdom has won a Major Fun Award! I had a blast working on this project a few months back. Being able to come up with a variety of ogre designs and the game board was a challenge since I wasn't able to see the final project until just a few weeks ago. The design of the ogre was a tricky one... and I think I still had too much fright in him with my final design, hence they decided to close his mouth a bit. I was still so excitd to be able to work not only on a game but one that had nasty beasts and ogres.


Christina Rodriguez said...

Oh MAN! This is awesome! I wish I could illustrate a board game now! Looks like tons of fun.

Nina Crittenden said...

Kids will not be BORED playing this board game, I tell you!