23 July 2012

3x3 No. 9 Children's Show!

Hello! My, it's been some time. I've missed the blog. I've mssed the blog so much I am contemplating getting rid of my facebook page to solely concentrate on this better kept chronologic list of happenings. I wanted to check in to share that my recent work on Behind the Bookcase has been accepted into 3x3's No. 9 Children's Book Show. Super excited, especially since I am eager for this book's release in October. Here are the images that will be featured:
In other news, Antoine and I just got through a week of hell in regards to our next move. If any of you are ever thinking about buying a home, feel free to drop a line because we'd love to share what NOT to do... and how to really keep your realtor(s) in order. After this week, my opinion of humanity dropped a notch. Oh well, you live and learn, right? New studio will be set up in a month! Have I ever expressed how much I hate moving? We still like the house, and its early 1900s touches, so it's just a matter of washing the realtor "ick" off us! Hope everyone is having a good summer!


Christina Rodriguez said...

Sorry you've been having realtor troubles! Finding a good one can be a hard task, indeed.

Let me know when you move if you'd like some help hauling stuff. I hope you'll like the neighborhood!

M. said...

Kelly I read your name on the 3x3 list and meant to write you right away... but I'm glad I dropped in here instead so I can say DOUBLE congratulations, for the new home too! Yay yay yay!!

kelmurphy said...

MARAL!! Congrats to you too! I was so excited for you!!!