15 September 2012

A New Place With New Work

So, the whole apartment is finally moved, and we are SLOWLY settling into the new house. Because of the start of school and a boatload of deadlines, it's not quite presentable yet. I am figuring after moving all of my books, I won't want to do that again for another 6 years. We have time to settle in. The new studio is a little smaller than the last, but it's just what I need. Two great windows for light and ventilation. I will miss the great skylights from the last place. The fuzzy studio assistant has not skipped a beat, and she's still coaching me to success!

I've been scurrying to finish a multitude of projects which include two middle grade novels, multiple background scene for an animation, a book of poetry, and a difference game for Behind the Bookcase. Got to finish the projects... then I can start organizing all of the boxes from the move. Here's a snippet of the cover for Secrets At Sea's companion novel!

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful fall!

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Aleksandra Chabros (aka Adelaida) said...

You have a lot to do at once, surely! But your furry assistant will help you with everything,there's no doubt about that :D