16 January 2013

Feature in Fantasy+

In the mail today, wrapped nine ways til Sunday, came a book that Antoine and I were featured in.

Fantasy+ 4: The Best Artwork of Fantastic Art:
Fantasy art, like literature, continues to have a growing resurgence as consumers of popular culture long for a respite from today s forced reality. For this fourth volume of the highly successful Fantasy+ series, the selected artworks are arranged thematically according to the focus or manifestation of the work. The international roster of commercial artists featured offers the very best in imaginative art created for movies, animation, publications and games. Not limited to illustrative output, this volume gives voice to the talented sculptors in the industry, with three-dimensional models and garage kits presented for the first time. Thoughtful commentary and interviews enhance the work and inspire, providing rich tips and insights for professionals and would-be artists alike.

It was very fun to both be featured and interviewed. I loved seeing our names side by side. Although I cannot say my work is the best artwork of the fantasy genre, I was thrilled to join others who are!

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