08 June 2013

Summer Already?

I am so sad that so much time has passed since posting. Looking back, I feel as though my work production has lessened because of this lack, but indeed it has been a productive spring. We are just a few weeks away from the release of Richard Peck's The Mouse With The Question Mark Tail. I am super excited as this book hits the shelves. I've also been working away on an independent reader featuring the character from Masterpiece! It's a different pace of story I am typically used to, but as predicted my editor Christy Ottaviano has been incredibly helpful.
I've also just returned from another trip to Japan. This time Antoine was a co-instructor with Montserrat College of Art, and I was a mere spectator. I liked that role!! Niigata College of Art hosted the fifteen students and I could not have imagined a more gracious and dedicated group of staff and faculty. As each day passed, my love for the country deepened... so many different facets! Efficiency and cleanliness balanced with a "play" hard approach to leisure. Simplicity of craft matched with complexity of social customs.

Upon return, deadline season is in full swing once again! Here is a recently finished bookcover! I cannot wait to see what Orchard Books does with the title treatment. The mock up looked amazing!
So! Alas! I am back, in action, and ready to get down to some regular posting! School's on break, and I'm ready to get rolling! Hope everyone is slipping into summer rather nicely!

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Gisele Jaquenod said...

Hi dear! Are you still selling any prints of your work? I would love to get some to hang on my niece's room!
Big hugs to you!