18 February 2006

Fiona's on her way

Thought I would share a few images from the last book I just completed, Fiona's Luck. As always, upon finishing a book, an odd sense of accomplishment and depression hit. Depression because looking at the small things you wish you had one more month to finish. But, all in all, glad to have her out of the house. That girl never even offered to pay rent. What a rat.


David said...
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David said...

I am in absolute awe of your work. Please be honest, do you think a band with very little money could requisition your sketching talent to produce a cd layout?

If the answer isn't "No." you can respond by emailing me (my contact information is in my profile)

PS: I deleted my first comment because I noticed a grammatical error...but it said the exact same thing, just with a 'with' as opposed to an 'of'

laura said...