23 February 2006

Rocks, Skates, and Guns = Awesomeness

The Olympics are always a favorite of mine, and more specifically the Winter Olympics. Most people I talk to, they're more annoyed by them than anything. Perhaps it's my early childhood upbringing to be attracted to snowy sports, but I was totally one of the kids who was tens times active in the winter. Bombass snowstorms, kicking Thundertubes, crystalized snot... I am truly a New England child.

But I wanted a chance to list my favorite Olympic sports. Curling, Short Track Speed Skating Relay, and Biathalon. They're just odd enough, but alluring in that it takes acute interest and precision skill to be the best. Curling and Biathalon are also great because it's the sports where you don't have to be a crazed teenaged monkey freak to be the best. They're sports of maturity. Oh, and curling is totally like Ice Bocce! What's not to love? So, after I type this... I'm picking up the mp3 player, putting on the sneakers, and running that full mile with sweet aspirations of being the best Olympic tv watcher EVER.

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