19 March 2006

You got Chimay-ed!

Holy moly, I have soooo many beers to feature here. I got to quench the thirst with a bit of heaven. I figured the first to mention would be the liquid version of a roast beef dinner, Chimay! After getting off the plane, and before crashing from jet lag, I got to enjoy a nice goblet of this stuff. HOLY cow. Apparently, they stuff is pretty crazy and I ended up sleep walking, waking up Anne-Marie and trying to leave out the front door. Thank goodness for locks! So for the rest of the trip, we lovingly called our moments of non-clarity, "getting Chimay-ed", said all slurred like. It's a damn wonderful drink... Damn I'm bummed that I didn't grab the holy grail looking glasses. That only makes it that much cooler. Here's some history about Chimay-may:

In order to understand the reason that the monks brew beer, we invite you to consider an essential historic moment. So keep your looking balls on this! The monks of the Abbey at Scourmont at Chimay belong to the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance, known generally as Trappists. These monks, who follow the Rule of Saint Benoit (going back to the 6th century) take the name of "Cistercians" from the monastery of Citeaux, founded in Burgundy in the 12th century. The Cistercian monasteries are divided into two great Orders, of which one is historically attached to the Abbey of La Grande Trappe, in Normandy. From here originates the popular name of "Trappists". It was during the summer of 1850 that a small group of monks established themselves on the wild plateau of Scourmont close to Chimay. God bless em. They had to do a lot of work to transform the barren soil of this region into fertile farmland. Around the monastery that they had built, which was of great beauty and simplicity, a farm was developed, followed by a cheese making plant and a brewery. The Abbey of Scourmont gave birth to various industries which made it the principal provider of employment in the region and into which it injected a powerful dynamism. Their role of initiators no longer being necessary, the monks gradually withdrew from the direct administration of all these companies in order to continue their life seeking God, shared between prayer, study and manual work.The production and distribution of Chimay Trappist beers is performed by S.A. Bières de Chimay. Chimay is always brewed on site at the abbey, which guarantees its authenticity and quality. It is bottled at Baileux, a few kilometres from the Abbey.

So basically, what they are saying is that, instead of worrying about making the stuff anymore, they sit back with a chunk of cheese and get chi-chi-chimayed! That's the way to do it fellas!

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