09 June 2006

XX: Dos Equitacular

Hello all! It's been many moons since my last beer post, and now that summer is in full swing, what more appropriate than honoring the good ol' Dos Equis. I was first introduced to XX awhile back, in fact I can't even remember when. I can guarantee it was summer time though. Call me trendy, or a phoney... but there is something more charismatic about XX than Corona. Maybe it's because I'm not one of those ladies, corona in hand, shirt 2 sized to small, and bedecked in big hooped earings looking for some nasty summer play. The XX has a look to it that says, "While my chest might be large and I am looking for love, I am not holding a Corona." Know what I mean? Ok, neither do I, but XX are great alternatives to the Corona summers. Crisp dark taste and refreshing on a hot day. Ahhh summer.

The history behind Dos Equis is also very interesting. Dos Equis has been brewed since 1900 and was developed by master brewer Wilhelm Haase who emigrated from his native Germany to Mexico and melded the traditions of his homeland with the ones of his new country to create this excellent brew. The brew was originally called "Siglo XX" to signify the coming millennium. It seems some ad whiz should have tried to capitalize on this during the hoopla surrounding last year's faux millennium celebration but missed the opportunity. Today we all know Siglo XX as Dos Equis or the "two x's" in English. And it is sooooo good to taste it.

Dos Equis Amber is actually classified as a lager, but it has the body and feel of an amber ale. It's something like a Newcastle Brown Ale mixed with Sam Adams. But don't be frightened... it sooo blows Corona out of the water. So make the right choice friends! SALUD!

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Furball said...

I love how you had to point out that you have a "large chest"!! 8-)