30 June 2006

An Odd Summer

This wonderful picture came from a summer or two ago, taken from a beach in Falmouth MA. The colors were absolutely amazing. Although you could swim through the humidity in the air here already, it oddly enough doesn't feel like summer... yet. Back at my mother's house, there is a crazy biblical-like plague of tent caterpillars that have eaten almost all of the tree foliage bare. It's so strange. No gentle rustle of the leaves in the summer breeze, only the almost deafening munch of caterpillar jowls. With the upcoming 4th of July, I am hoping that summer will start to feel like summer and I can finally finish this current picture book. I'm looking meanly pale these days.

1 comment:

tracers said...

See, you are the messenger! I think your post heralded in the warm summer type weather! Look at today... it's beautiful outside!!! And if you need breeze rustling thru the leaves, you are always welcome to come to my house... we still have lots of leaves, we sprayed our hungry little monsters.