04 October 2006

Beer for KIDS!

When I started this blog, I received many comments about the idea of illustration and beer combined. Well, I give you something way more bombass. Beer for sick kids complete with cheerleaders. This is pure genius.

The Hancock Street Pub Crawl is taking place in the Metro Boston area. No crawl goes further. Hancock Street Pub Crawl is a fundraiser for the Little Hearts organization, a group that helps kids with congenital heart defects. In the past, they have raised over $8200 to help kids and their families deal with heart problems. Apparently, this year the New England Patriot cheerleaders are looking to get their drink on, too.

The even takes place Saturday, Oct. 28th, 2006 and starts at noon. Click here and here for more details.


Jeannette said...

oh man! i was hoping this was a pub/sketch crawl in boston!

kelmurphy said...

Ask and ye shall receive. Complete with the boobsquad!

Kevin Glennon said...

So does that mean we'll see you on the 28th? First beer is on me!