12 October 2006

I'm a NERD!

I knew it! Man, D&D came back to haunt me BAD! I knew I was a bit nerdy, but 46%? I now understand my high school years where I DID have an action figure collection. I was talking with Tracers the other day about the Weird Al song White and Nerdy, and come to think of it, mentioning Weird Al as excitedly as I did made me more nerdy. Oh well... maybe I can somehow use it as an excuse for things.

"Kel, why didn't you come to the party last night?"
"Sorry dude, I'm 46% nerdy. You understand, right?"
"What the hell are you talking about? You're just lame!"

Now it's time for you to take the quiz.


Furball said...

I'm only 16% nerd!!! But it's ok, I still like you! 8-)

tracers said...

damn... right behind you woman! 42%! i don't think i can show my face in public anymore! hehehe

Rhaticus said...

30% nerdy, the rest jock. if it weren't for Star Trek, i would have blown you out of the water!