22 May 2007

On My Wishlist!

Stop the presses. Look at this thing. How rediculously awesome is this. If only I had the counter space. The day I do... it's game over man, game over!

Beer Caddy
"If the idea of lugging yourself to the ice box over and over again for a beer turns you off, consider this Beer Caddy currently on sale over at Neiman Marcus to help alleviate your frustrations. This beer lover's gadget holds a five liter beer (or soda) keg, keeping it cool and providing a nice way to enjoy a frosty one."

You can purchase one of these things at Uncrate, a web magazine for guys who love stuff. Their team finds the best gadgets, clothes, cars, DVDs and more. Ehemm, girls too, chicos!


tracey said...

Now... if they only had a matching one to make instant potatoes!

FURBALL said...

Gee, a week and a half until June first and suddenly there are gift Ideas on your blog. Hmmm. Must just be a coincidence. 8-)