11 July 2007

Fiona in 3D!

How flattered am I? Jessica Kennady created this doll version of Fiona for the Hillsboro Oregon Library. It was displayed to further encourage children of the community to keep reading. I think it may inspire some to pick up sewing! Thanks so much Jessica.


Furball said...

That's pretty cool. You gotta get them mass produced so you can sell them. "Merchandising! Merchandising, where the real money from the (book) is made. Fiona the T-shirt, Fiona the breakfast cereal, Fiona the Lunch box, Fiona the Flaaaaaaaame thrower. The kids really like that one. And last but not least, Fiona the doll. Adorable"

Sal Darji said...

That is a very remarkable physical rendering of the character. That's great!

The real money is in virtual merchandising...Fiona the Second Life character, Fiona Virtual World, Fiona-branded Childrens Website, etc.