26 July 2007

Robert's Snow: For Cancer's Cure 2007

Just finished up my snowflake for this years charity event for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. They are celebrating their third year, and hoping to surpass last years fundraising numbers. Help make this year the best yet! Visit their website to find out more about this amazing event. Collecting over 200 picturebook artist's own personal vision, these flakes will be lifelong keepsakes.

This year, I dedicate my snowflake to Connor Ciesielski, a very gentle, adventurous little boy who was truly, a great crab hunter. Connor’s true love was being on a Cape Cod beach. He enjoyed the hot days in the sun and the early evenings on the beach. It was on the beach that "Conman" was his happiest. He would fish and hunt for crabs all day. He always made sure that any sea life that he and his brother caught was always returned back to the sea so that they wouldn’t be missed by their daddy and mommy and could grow bigger in hopes of catching them again on another day. Connor passed away due to Leukemia this July 15th. He was a very brave warrior.

Bidding starts in November, but keep checking the website. They will start to show all the snowflakes in late August.


karen lee said...

It is wonderful Kelly. I have a Connor in my life as well that has luekemia. It is touching that you dedicated this to him.


Sarah said...

What a beautiful snowflake, and a truly touching dedication.

rolovo said...

Thanks kelly,
The snowflake is beautiful and a wonderful tribute to Connor- our very special grandson. He loved the ocean and Capecod.